Friday, December 5, 2014


There are many options as to how/where you can find THE LIFFEY RIVERS IRISH DANCER MYSTERIES:
Okay--all of the world-wide Amazon sites will sell you a Liffey Rivers book.
Australia, however, will only sell you a Liffey Kindle book. 
Only books one through five are available in Kindle format. 

INDIES:  Any independent book store will order the Liffey Rivers books for you.
Chain Book Stores will all order the Liffey Rivers books too.

Irish Stores known (by me) to carry the books--there are lots more but I do not see most of the orders:  
              Irish Seams in Rockville, MD
              Paddy's On the Square in Buffalo Grove, Illinois
              The Foundry Books in Mineral Point, Wisconsin
              Atkinson Irish Products in White Lake, Michigan
              The Book Loft in Columbus, Ohio
              Triskelt, Concord, California

South Africa:


Web Site at (USA only) ORDERS PAGE

Brenna Briggs is the author of the Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Speaking at the Pendarvis Historic Site on a recent Sunday morning was fun!


Doing 'your thing' at 11:00 a.m. on a Sunday morning is definitely not a prime time happening. I was grateful to the people who turned up at the PENDARVIS HISTORIC SITE to hear about my new mystery, THE MYSTERY OF THE POINTING DOG, and very impressed with what they added to the 'event.' There were a few retired teachers who knew things I had not discovered doing extensive research over two years. They were amazing.To be honest, I had not expected anyone to come at such an off time and tried to hide my surprise when the little room filled up. The give and take exchanges with this group of people were truly wonderful. We stayed together until I was bumped by another speaker an hour and a half later. And they bought all the books I had brought with me! 
Here are some photos I took with my crummy camera while waiting for the door to be unlocked:

PENDARVIS closes at the end of October. It's a lovely place with costumed guides (presenters) and many of the original stone cottages the Cornish miners built in the mid-1800's can be found on the site as well as throughout Mineral Point.


Brenna Briggs is the author of The Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Follow the Liffey Rivers Road to Cornish Festival In Mineral Point, Wisconsin.

There will be Figgy Hobbin and Pasties and special brews. Talks and demonstrations and tours. And me.
I will be talking on Sunday, September 28 at the Education Center at the Pendarvis Historic Site from 11:00 to 11:45 a.m.
My new book (the seventh Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mystery) THE MYSTERY OF THE POINTING DOG has been waiting in the sidelines while lots of 'old stuff' has been sorted out. It is already on Amazon and other online sites but not really officially launched. Amazon says it was published last March which I have chosen to ignore. It takes way too much time to figure out dates online vs. real time.
Anyway, I am excited about the Cornish Festival. I mention the Cornish settlers (Cousin Jacks and Cousin Jennys) in my new book often. They contributed an ambiance and cuisine around here which Mineral Point has carefully  preserved.  Such as:


Gorgeous Limestone and Sandstone Buildings
I begin THE MYSTERY OF THE POINTING DOG on November 1, 1842, which was an unseasonably warm day for this part of Wisconsin. It is also the day that young William Caffee was hung at the bottom of the hill depicted in the above photo in front of a crowd that some say was made up of close to 5,000 people. This gruesome event is described through the (deliberately) closed eyes of a 10-year-old little girl who was dragged there by her older brother. After the hanging, time shifts forward to 'today,' an unseasonably cold November 1 in Mineral Point, and Liffey Rivers, when she tries to do an Irish dance step and launch herself over the huge pile of snow blocking her path, but intersects with the past instead.

  This book is already available online and can be ordered through bookstores. Locally, it will turn up next Sunday at a raffle after my talk. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Follow the Liffey Rivers Road To Long Grove, IL, On August 30 and 31

Tween Author Brenna Briggs To Sign The Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries At Paddy’s On The Square During Long Grove, IL, Irish Days August 30 and 31.
Irish American author Brenna Briggs will sign the Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries at Paddy’s On the Square, 228 Robert Parker Coffin Rd, Long Grove, IL 60047 during Long Grove’s Irish Days on August 30 from 12:00 to 7:00 and August 31 from 11:00 to 6:00.

Mineral Point, Wisconsin-August 21, 2014: Tween Author Brenna Briggs admits that she is always looking for a ‘twist’ or the unforeseen in everyday life.
“It all began when I was 8 years old. A girlfriend of mine told me about a book she had checked out from our tiny Catholic school library about a girl detective named Nancy Drew. When she returned the book, I checked it out and after reading The Clue in the Diary, I was never quite the same again. Suddenly life seemed to be full of undiscovered plots and secrets. It was difficult to sleep nights. I would lie awake wondering who all the seemingly ordinary people around me really were: Is the nice lady in the South Bend Indiana Public Library really a librarian? Is my fourth grade teacher at Saint Joseph Grade School really a nun? Or, is she disguised as one for some unknown dark purpose?”
This ‘things are not always what they seem’ outlook resulted in Briggs creating Brockagh Books when she lived in County Sligo, Ireland, and to date publishing seven critically acclaimed Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries. The seventh Liffey Rivers book, The Mystery of the Pointing Dog, combines Wisconsin historical fiction with Liffey Rivers’ most baffling mystery to date.
“The formula is simple,” says Briggs: “13-year-old Irish dancer-girl detective Liffey Rivers has a knack for noticing the little things that most people just walk right by. This leads to her poking her nose into things and not unpredictably, she ends up in dangerous situations which ultimately result in her solving mysteries within a backdrop of Irish dance competitions (feiseanna). This formula works well because feiseanna are held all over the world, allowing Liffey to logically travel to glamorous places as she participates in the exciting world of Irish dance.”  
IRISH CENTRAL NYC: “Think Nancy Drew meets the Irish dance world.”

THE IRISH WORLD in London has said that “Author Brenna Briggs has created the perfect series of adventures for Irish dancers... Each one is a delightful read for dancers, lovers of Ireland and lovers of a good mystery, and a great way for kids to learn a bit more about their Irish heritage and other cultures.
Contact: Brenna Briggs: 608-987-0157

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Brenna Briggs Will Be At The Dublin (Ohio) Irish Festival August 1,2,3

Tween Author Brenna Briggs To Sign Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries At Dublin Irish Festival  

Irish American author Brenna Briggs will sign the Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries at the Dublin Irish Festival in Dublin, Ohio, on August 1, 2, 3 and present in the Irish Traditions Tent  August 3 at 12:00

Mineral Point, Wisconsin-July 24, 2014: Tween Author Brenna Briggs will sign the Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries in the Authors’ Tent at the Dublin Ohio Irish Festival on August 1, 2 and 3.  Book 7 in the Liffey Rivers series, The Mystery of the Pointing Dog, 268 pages, ISBN 13: 978-1479194131, $13.50, will be launched at the Columbus Feis in Dublin, OH, on Saturday, August 2 at Coffman High School, adjacent to the Dublin Irish Festival grounds. 

On Sunday, August 3 from 12:00-12:45 in the Irish Traditions Tent, Ms. Briggs will present Irish dancers demonstrating their steps from Beginning through Championship levels and give a brief overview of what is involved in the competitive world of an Irish dancer today.  
The Mystery of the Pointing Dog is a fast-paced, formula Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer-Girl Detective mystery--with a twist. Liffey’s sleuthing life becomes interwoven with the public hanging of William Caffee which took place in Mineral Point, Wisconsin, on November 1, 1842, and the dog he left behind. The book is available on Amazon, most online bookstores and through any bricks and mortar bookstore.

IRISH CENTRAL NYC: “Think Nancy Drew meets the Irish dance world.”

THE IRISH WORLD in London has said that “Author Brenna Briggs has created the perfect series of adventures for Irish dancers... Each one is a delightful read for dancers, lovers of Ireland and lovers of a good mystery, and a great way for kids to learn a bit more about their Irish heritage and other cultures."
Contact: Brenna Briggs: 608-987-0157

Monday, May 26, 2014

My, My, How Time Does Fly!

It's been over two months since I have blogged. Lots has happened and will be happening. First some bragging. Daughter Rebecca Virginia went on a work Visa to Australia and landed herself a role in a movie
filming in the Perth area. It's a period drama called THE FENIAN. Here are a few photos:

THE FENIAN has a movie page on Facebook if you would like to see lots more on location shots in beautiful Perth's outback.

Daughter Maura is Assistant Director on a feature film called MEDAL OF VICTORY.

It's in post-production in NYC. More info and trailer on its Facebook page: MEDAL OF VICTORY.

Son Shannon is managing a cafe and playing with his group THE DRIFTLESS BEGGARS.

The 7th LIFFEY RIVERS IRISH DANCER MYSTERY is also an historical novel! Featuring Liffey (of course!) but also an event that took place in 1842 in Mineral Point, Wisconsin: a public hanging. The book is called:
                                               THE MYSTERY OF THE POINTING DOG.

Lots going on but one would never know it if my Blog were the only avenue of communication. Come join me on Facebook (BRENNA BRIGGS) and/or Twitter for more regular updates. Or, perhaps I will reform and do the Blog weekly like I should. I will try.

HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY from Mineral Point, Wisconsin!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Saint Patrick Was Nobody's Fool


     Saint Patrick Was Nobody’s Fool
Apparently Ireland was a pretty grim place before Saint Patrick stepped in and cleaned it up. Ireland had become the country of ‘choice’ for demons and evil-doers.
According to a 12th century monk named ‘Jocelin’ reporting from Belgium, Ireland was a pretty desperate place: "The demons used to show themselves unto their worshippers in visible forms: they often attacked the people, inflicting much hurt; and only ceased from their baleful doings when they were appeased by foul heathenish prayers and offerings. After this they were seen flying in the air and walking on the earth, loathsome and horrible to behold, in such multitudes that it seemed as if the whole island were too small to give them standing and flying room. Whence Ireland was deemed the special home of demons. And lastly, magicians evil-doers and soothsayers abounded beyond what history records of any other country on the face of the earth."
This explicit travelogue must have been very bad for tourism to the Emerald Isle. Fortunately, Saint Patrick saved the day when he decided to expel the nasty demons Jocelin had so graphically described. Enough was enough. So Patrick (no one explains exactly how he did this) herded all the demons in Ireland into County Mayo and up the mountain known today as Croagh Patrick. He then commanded them to jump off a cliff on the other side of the mountain into the sea. (No matter that there is no sea directly beneath Croagh Patrick.) The demons balked at this so he took out a little consecrated bell some angels had given him for demon control.
Demons could not bear to hear the tinkling of Saint Patrick’s holy bell so Patrick rang it until they could no longer stand it. Screaming in a rage, they flung themselves off the cliff. But they were sneaky. Instead of diving into the sea (which was not there anyway) they dove instead into a ravine known today as Demon’s Hollow and hid.
Saint Patrick was nobody’s fool. He followed them down the steep incline as far as he could and then hurled the bell into the ravine after them. All that bell tinkling terrified the demons and they flew out of the ravine and jumped into the sea as ordered. Unfortunately, this created another major problem: sea serpents.
Perhaps Saint Patrick did not evict all of the demons after all and the ones that were driven into the sea vaporized and are today disguised as clouds. The kind that block the sunlight on Ireland’s west coast almost every day of the year. So watch out for any demons St. Patrick may have missed and always carry a little bell with you when you travel to the west coast of Ireland. Just in case.

Brenna Briggs is the author of the Liffey Rivers Irish Dancer Mysteries